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Chalk Paint perfect to give a twist to your house easy, clean and fast. Transform your objects and furniture and enjoy your second life.
Paints Chalk Paint Fleur is a collection of stylish colors, tones perfect for decorating carefully selected classic and contemporary style.
Excellent coverage on most surfaces. Its unique formulation provides excellent opacity, giving the surface color depth.
"Mineral paint, made with natural pigments"
No need sanding or primer offers excellent adhesion on most d and surfaces. Furniture must be cleaned thoroughly before painting.
Parts varnished with high gloss, lacquered, melamine and similiares, it is advisable to spend a large fine sandpaper as balleta mode, without excessive pressure. With this gesture we will break the pore and paint will adhere better.
Universal primer: Non - porous surfaces such as metal, glass and plastic and / or the surface will have constant rubbing and / or intense. Priming Wood objects very raw wood or pore surfaces to have a severe or constant rubbing.
Long, fluid brushstrokes depending on the surfacenot required more than one layer . Surfaces such as metal, glass, lacquered, etc. will require 2 to 3 layers. To create a homogeneous appearance must be fine and wellspread layers.
available in 130ml and 330ml Wearing naturally
Chalk dust or Chalky completely finished matte. For a touch satin or gloss varnishes choose between Chalk Paint Fleur or waxes.
Make your piece last and is protected from bumps, scratches and stains. It is not essential for finishing, but highly recommended. Varnish or wax used depending on the surface and use.
Varnishes: metals and parts with friction. Exterior.
Waxes: nourishes and protects the piece. Velvety appearance. Inside. characteristics
130 ml
Cover: 1.5 m2 approx
easy application
long, fluid brushstrokes
Excellent quality

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