Talens canvas boards

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Talens canvas boards

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• Premium quality canvas, made in Europe.
• 320 g/m2 quality canvas of pure cotton.
• The cotton has a fi ne structure (14x17 threads/cm2).
• Suitable for the following painting techniques: oil colours, acrylic colours, water mixable oil colours.
• Universal preparation; 1 layer of natural glue and 2 layers of acidfree, acrylic-based gesso.
• The high-quality primer stops oil penetrating and guarantees an excellent adhesion for oil and acrylic colours.
• Very sturdy and retains shape.
• Available in several sizes.
• 9x12cm
• 18x24 cm
• 20x20 cm
• 30x30 cm
• 30x40 cm
• 40x40 cm
• 60x60 cm

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