Really Useful Box, 64 Litre, 710 x 440 x 310mm, Clear

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Really Useful Box, 64 Litre, 710 x 440 x 310mm, Clear

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Pop everything into a Really Useful Box! From jewellery tools to art stationery, utilise every corner with this polypropylene surface that can be stacked and stored away. Just seal the lid with a tough, reliable clip-top on the edge and put it away!
From the office to the home, this box is perfect for keeping your odds and ends off the desk and inside a secure, portable plastic box. The sturdy top and reinforced corners allow these boxes to be stacked together at different weights and sizes.
Inks and paints can be easily wiped from the semi-transparent plastic and the raised edging around the lid secures other boxes, preventing them from slipping off. Carry these around comfortably with a pair of shallow handles on either side that are tough and convenient. Take your equipment wherever you go!
Hassle-free, unfussy and perfect for organising your hobbies and interests, the Really Useful Box is perfect for keeping your essentials in one place.
Ideal for storing stationery, jewellery tools and art equipment
External dimensions: 710 x 440 x 310mm
Internal dimensions: 605 x 370 x 280mm
Strong and reliable polypropylene surface. Easy to stack. Protects fragile objects
Really Useful Clear Box 64 Litres

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