HERMES 5cm A4 Box File with Spring clip

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HERMES 5cm A4 Box File with Spring clip

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Durable construction, long lasting, compact design. With removable label pocket and 2 Drings for punched paper or Spring Clip for non punched paper.
Suitable for archiving, heavy load storage and stacking. Bright metallic colors give your office a modern and innovative look.
•Designed to outlast five times the life of standard filing products.
•Features ESD Antistatic Reduction System - ideal for the computer and the office environment.
•Waterproof, virtually indestructible.
•Can be sprayed with antibac fluids or alcohol gel ideal for the healthcare market.
•100% recyclable material! With this much recyclable material, you know you're doing right for the environment.
•Safe closing, resistance to falls.

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