Rohde Ecotop20 POTTERY KINS

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Rohde Ecotop20 POTTERY KINS

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The ECOTOP series is a newly designed and developed kiln model among our range of toploading kilns. ECOTOP kilns are most energy-saving kilns and are outstanding in their energy ef ciency due to a new insulating concept.
The 3-layer insulation structure consists of a 15 mm high-quality, micro- porous back insulation which allows ring up to usual stoneware tempe- ratures with a regular 230 volt supply (Schuko, German grounded plug, 3.6 kW).
Special features:
• Final temperature 1320°C granted with 3.6 kW/230 Volts for Ecotop 60
• 3-layer insulation body with Microtherm®
• Signi cant increase in energy ef ciency, e.g. you can save up to
20 % energy with an Ecotop 60 compared to a TE 60 MCC
• Silent and wearless SSR with exterior cooling element
• Ergonomic working position due to ROHDE turnable kiln stand
• Comfortable and exact kiln controller TC 304 (standard equipment

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