Royal & Langnickel Oil Painting Set - 33 pc

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Royal & Langnickel Oil Painting Set - 33 pc

Item #: RSET-OIL2000
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Royal & Langnickel's Wooden Box Oil Painting Set is an ideal package. The set features our Regis™ Brushes, a collection of oil paints, stylus, palette knife, apron, linseed oil and the essential tools for art on the go. It also includes an artist guide to help any art enthusiast learn more about oil painting techniques. All contained in a attractive green wooden carrying case.
Package Contents:
12 Oil Paint Tubes (12 ml)
12 Regis™ Brushes
1 Apron
1 Linseed Oil Bottle1 Stylus1 Palette Knife1 Graphite Pencil1 Eraser1 Palette1 Oil Painting Guide Booklet
1 Green Wooden Carrying Case
Package Dimensions:
13.9 in x 6.9 in x 2.5 in
353 mm x 175 mm x 64 mm

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