Royal & Langnickel Acrylic Art Set - 26 pc

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Royal & Langnickel Acrylic Art Set - 26 pc

Item #: RZEN-ACR5301
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Royal & Langnickel's Wooden Box Acrylic Art Set is ideal for the Artist. The set features our premium Zen brushes, a collection of acrylic paints, stylus, palette knife, paint pad and the essential tools for art on the go. All contained in a beautiful silver wooden carrying case.
Package Contents:
12 Acrylic Paint Tubes
6 Premium Zen Brushes
1 Graphite Pencil
1 Stylus
1 Palette Knife
1 Eraser
1 Palette
1 Acrylic Artist Guide
1 Acrylic Painting Pad
1 Silver Wooden Carrying Case
Package Dimensions
14.75 in x 7.25 in x 2.875 in
375 mm x 184 mm x 73 mm

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