ArtDeco Powdered Water marbling medium


ArtDeco Powdered Water marbling medium

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Used for preparing solution for Ebru (Marbling) Volume: 140 ml.
Volume of product enough for: 11.2 liters of water
Packing: plastic bottle with a lid.
Mixture ratio: 12.5 ml (3 small coffee spoons) to 1 liter of water
Preparation: mix powder in the necessary proportions with warm water, stir the solution for 30 minutes. Leave the solution to rest for 10-12 hours. Before using, stir slowly and thoroughly, pour the solution into the tray.
Please make sure before each drawing, no air bubbles can be seen on the surface
Approximate volume of solution required for the tray:
A4 - 1 liter
25х35 cm - 1-1. 5 liters.
35x50 cm - 3 liters.
All ingredients are natural.

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