Post-it Dry Erase white board Surface Adhesive

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Post-it Dry Erase white board Surface Adhesive

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Post-it Adhesive Dry Erase Surface allows you to create a dry erase board on almost any wall or window. It easily unrolls, peels and sticks to the surface then you can use it right away.
The roll contains board mm of self adhesive dry erase surface.
You can adhere it to almost any surface including painted drywall, steel, glass, finished wood and even existing whiteboards or chalkboards.
Installation is easy, simply unroll, peel and stick.
The surface works as a traditional dry erase board and is stain-proof to erase cleanly every time.
You can cut the surface to fit almost any area.
Write on the surface using traditional whiteboard markers.
available in 4 sizes:

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